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Residential Services We Offer

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing

Kitchen Lighting
A kitchen remodeling project may involve installation of new kitchen appliances, and recessed or task lighting according to your requirements and liking. This may require electric panel upgrades to meet the increased need for switches and outlets. . Modern kitchen appliances come with sophisticated features and can get quite expensive. In most cities and towns, wiring and outlets for kitchen appliances can be installed or repaired by a DIY electrical amateur provided that a licensed electrical contractor inspects and approves the work. However, considering that you will spend a fortune on your new appliances you may want to opt for a licensed electrician to do a more thorough job. That’s where we come in!

Bathroom Lighting
Modern bathrooms have evolved over the years and there’s an increased trend of owning a bathroom that’s cozy, comfortable and inviting. Whether you opt for dimmer lighting to match your mood or get a whirlpool bath tub to soak in for hours, we can turn your bathroom into a luxurious haven.

Just take a look at some of the bathroom lighting services we provide:

– Wiring for Jacuzzi, steam corners, Spa
– Updating, replacing, or moving lighting
fixtures and electrical outlets
– Bathroom exhaust fans
– Installing towel warmers

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Top 3 Signs your home needs re-piping:

– Drop in tap water pressure
– Discolored water (due to rust) or bad water odor
– Frequent water leaks

If you’re ignoring any of these signs, call for help now before it is too late!

Old plumbing fixtures and faulty piping are the two main causes of water leaks and blocked pipes. For example, galvanized pipes used in home and commercial complexes eventually erode over the years, leading to rusty or brown colored water. If not replaced in time, these faucets get blocked and call for costly repairs.

Whether your needs are limited to a simple leak or involve complete re-piping, our licensed plumbers will quickly fix your plumbing problems to your satisfaction.

Don’t compromise your plumbing with old and faulty pipes. Quality piping is essential to your home and business.

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Trenchless Pipeline Repair

Traditional sewer line replacement can be messy, time consuming, expensive and destructive to your existing landscape. So why bother with the mess and hassle when you can choose trenchless technology!

Trenchless technology is a superior alternative that helps you restore backed up sewer lines to nearly new condition without the added cost and intrusion of trenching. This no-hassle and cost-effective method of pipeline replacement leaves your landscape and your wallet intact.

Blocked sewer lines are a destructive force. Left unchecked, blocked sewer lines can damage home structures, destroy landscapes, raise property taxes and even endanger your health with harmful bacteria and contamination from mold. The blockage is often caused by events out of your control, such as root intrusion, calcification, sludge accumulation, and seismic ground movement. If your sewer line backs-up into your home, it can also create an unbearable stench that’s almost impossible to remove once it seeps into your carpeting. That’s why it is imperative that you repair or replace blocked sewer lines on time.

We have protected hundreds of homes from failing pipes, and can help you protect yours, too.

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Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can often catch you by surprise – and at the worst possible time. A simple water leak or clogged drain can quickly snowball into an all out plumbing catastrophe, throwing your life into chaos.

We understand that your plumbing emergencies need immediate attention. That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to solve your most urgent plumbing problems.

Why are we the preferred Plumbing Emergency Specialists?

– Quick Diagnosis: Our emergency specialists quickly diagnose any problem, from simple pipe leaks and toilet clogs to complex sewer troubles.
– Fast Action: Once diagnosed, your problem is fixed in the least possible time by our experienced plumbers.
– Responsive Service: Once your plumbing problem is fixed, we clean the mess to leave your home in pristine condition.
– Well-stocked Vans: Our vans are well-stocked to handle your emergency plumbing needs without delay.

Don’t panic! Your plumbing emergencies don’t have to send your life into a tailspin.

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Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater Repair

Standard water heaters reheat the same water 24 hours a day, even while you’re sleeping. That’s money out of your wallet and down the drain!

Tankless heaters save money by heating water quickly, only when you need it – and just once. They also provide an endless supply of hot water for as long as your family wants it.

Tankless water heaters are highly energy efficient and save on gas. They can also be put outside the house, thus freeing up your indoor space for other uses.


– Endless, on-demand water supply to multiple outlets simultaneously without temperature fluctuations.
– 50% to 70% more energy efficient than conventional gas and electric water heaters·
– A 25+ year life expectancy, compared to 10 years for conventional heaters· Automatic shut-off resulting in higher energy savings·
– Space saving We specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining all types of tankless water heaters.

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Video Sewer Inspection

Our certified plumbing technicians take the guesswork out of your plumbing repairs, helping you save time and money. Our video inspection technology allows us to correctly determine the cause and location of a clogged or broken pipe, and quickly repair your sewer in the first shot.

Typically, a video pipe inspection will help us identify:

– Blockages resulting from grease/foreign object buildup
– Cracked, broken or damaged pipe requiring repair or replacement
– Corrosion resulting in pipe deterioration
– Leaking joints · Misaligned pipes resulting from shifting soil, acute temperature conditions, etc.
– Sewer line invasion caused by tree roots
– Bellied pipe caused by pipe sinking due to soil conditions, resulting in waste collection around the bulge
– Pre- and post repair pipe condition

Our plumbing professionals aren’t just expert plumbers but also highly qualified video camera pipe inspectors who diagnose and fix your plumbing problems with little or no intrusion into your privacy.

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Toilets, Faucets & Disposals

Are you tired of dripping faucets, overflowing toilets and clogged up garbage disposals?

We’re committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations with reliable and on time services. Our plumbing expertise gives us the skills to tackle all types of plumbing problems, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job, no matter how simple or complex.


– Bath tubs, tub drains, and tub enclosures
– Bidets· Caulking & sealing
– Ceramic base molding
– Handicap grab-bar
– Pedestal sink, normal sinks, vanity & countertop installations
– Showers, shower pans, grout tile showers
– Lavatory, tub & shower faucets
– Toilet guts
– Toilet and toilet seats
– Towel bars
– Wax rings
– Garbage disposal

Whether your need relates to the simple installation or repair of a faucet, or garbage disposal, you can count on us to deliver to your satisfaction.

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Water Treatment Systems

1. Water Softening System

Provide your home with pure drinking water while reducing the undesirable effects of hard water with an effective water softening system. We install, service and maintain water softening systems using state-of-art technology conforming to Water Quality Association (WQA) standards.

Apart from offering better protection from health risks, softened water has the following advantages:

– It is easier to wash and bathe with softened water providing luxurious lather, and prevents soap and shampoo waste·
– It does not leave residue on shower doors, screens, dishes or glasses·
– It is gentler on pipes, fittings & fixtures and helps minimize unnecessary repairs·
– It prevents water pressure loss & pipe blockage·
– It promotes the longevity of kitchen and bathroom appliances and prevents their breakdown

2. Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

An RO system uses the same technology that most bottled water companies do. Ordinary tap water is pushed through a semi permeable membrane to filter out impurities. The Centers for Disease Control and EPA recommends RO systems because of their ability to remove an entire spectrum of harmful contaminants from drinking water.

We can help you select and install an RO system that fits your home’s needs and budget, as well as repair and maintain them.

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Hydro Jetting

Are your pipes clogged with cooking grease, rocks, or soap scum accumulated over the years? Are these stubborn clogs refusing to respond to traditional cleaning methods such as cable snake technology?

Our high pressure hydro jetting might just be the right solution for your stubborn clogged pipes. Hydro jetting removes years of material build up, cleaning even the hard to reach corners and junctions of your pipeline.

Our hydro jetting technique utilizes high pressure water (0-4000 psi) to effectively zap tree roots and grease, the two leading causes of drain blockage. Think it’s expensive? No worries. Our prices are competitive and even comparable to the cost of using outdated technology, or lower hydro pressure systems.

Whether you’re using the system for your home, restaurant or laundry business, the benefits of hydro jetting are simply amazing.

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Gas Earthquake Shut Off valves

Gas Earthquake Shut-off ValvesEarthquakes aren’t the only danger threatening your home. Earthquake related explosions are common and often more destructive than the tremors that cause them. Protect your home from these explosions with an earthquake shut-off valve.

As earthquakes are a matter of when not if, you need to prevent explosions in your home by installing earthquake shut off valves that automatically shut off your gas valve if the earthquake measures 5.4 or higher on the Richter scale.

If you don’t already have an earthquake shut-off valve don’t delay, this device can save your life.

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Geothermal Design & Installation

Want a cost-efficient and more eco-friendly energy option for your heating/cooling utility needs? Consider installing a geothermal system in your home.

We provide state-of-art geothermal systems for your home and business establishment’s heating or cooling needs.

In winter, geothermal systems “collect” energy from below the earth’s surface transferring natural heat into your home through a series of pipes that lie buried outside the house. An air distribution system inside the house (known as a geo furnace) is installed for the warm air to circulate around the house through ducts. In summer, the system reverses, using a compressor, heat exchanger and pipes filled with water and anti-freeze, to remove the heat from the house into the ground. This system is also capable of meeting almost all the hot water needs of your home.

Geothermal systems also reduce pollution caused by gas powered appliances and wood burning stoves. With no noisy outdoor compressor, bulky equipment or above-the-ground storage tanks, the system works silently – and efficiently. You will immediately notice the energy savings in your utility bills!

We are accredited by IGSHPA (International Ground (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) and ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractor’s of America) for geothermal installation. Transform your home and enjoy the comforts of eco-friendly living today!

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Drain Cleaning Services

We use the latest diagnostic technology to clear and completely clean out your blocked drains in record time.


– Free follow-up inspection
– Many year guarantee
– State-of-art diagnostics using video sewer inspection
– Right tools for the right job
– Hand held units for cramped spaces
– Powerful standalone units for main pipes

Our specialty is in correctly diagnosing your drainage problems. We help you save unnecessary expenses and prevent future backups that can result in major damage and costly repairs. That is why we never get called to fix the same job twice!

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Sewer Replacement

New Construction

Ground-Up Plumbing

Commercial Services

Commercial Services We Offer

Water Jetting & Drain Cleaning

Is your office building or restaurant complex plagued by blocked drains? Have you tried out all options to clean drains and are still unhappy with the results? We can help you.

We clean all types of drains, from small sinks to 60” diameter pipes with ease and perfection. We use powerful high pressure jets (0-4000 psi) for drain cleaning.High pressure water jetting cuts through grease and debris with laser beam like intensity, where normal drain cleaning options fail.

High pressure water jetting’s superior capabilities can clean out a city culvert or sewer, tree roots, and even ice from a frozen drain!

Our state-of-art pumps and heavy duty equipment won’t just completely clean out your drain, they will polish the interiors and restore it to an almost new condition.

Most pipes can easily tolerate the pressure of water jetting. However, our technicians will help you identify whether or not your pipes can be properly and safely cleaned with water jetting.

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Video Pipe Inspection

We eliminate the guesswork from plumbing by leveraging state-of-art diagnostic technology such as video pipe inspection. Video inspection helps us to determine the cause and location of clogged or broken pipes, and quickly repair the pipeline to your satisfaction.

Video pipe inspection can effectively identify the following:

– Blockages resulting from grease/foreign object buildup
– Cracked, broken or damaged pipe requiring repair or replacement
– Corrosion resulting in pipe deterioration
– Leaking joints · Misaligned pipes resulting from shifting soil, acute temperature conditions, etc.
– Sewer line invasion caused by tree roots
– Bellied pipe caused by pipe sinking due to soil conditions, resulting in waste collection around the bulge
– Pre and post repair pipe condition

Apart from being expert plumbers, we are highly qualified video camera pipe inspectors who diagnose and fix your plumbing problems discreetly, with little or no intrusion to your business. With the peace of mind offered by a pre and post repair video inspection report, rest assured that you will need to fix your plumbing problem only once.

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Commercial & Industrial Water Sewer

Does your building have a plumbing problem? Or, are you an engineering firm, general contractor or an architect in need of a plumbing sub-contractor?

We offer a complete range of commercial and industrial water sewer installation and repair services.

Over the years, we have successfully installed and maintained water, natural gas and sewage infrastructure for offices, homes, institutions, commercial, industrial, and municipal bodies.

We use the latest technology and GPS enabled service vehicles to assist your business with all your plumbing needs. We also provide round-the-clock service to clients who maintain a service contract with us.

Call us today to find out more about our capabilities and how we can help you in meeting your specific plumbing needs.

Service Contracts

A plumbing problem can strike at any moment, and for businesses the impact can be crippling. Why not prepare your business by signing up for a service contract that offers round-the-clock service for all your plumbing emergencies?

Our service contracts can save you money on expensive repairs and nagging plumbing issues. Designed to give peace of mind, our service contracts allow you to focus on your business, and not on your plumbing troubles.

As a service contract customer, you will receive priority services, special attention, and special discounts.

We offer flexible scheduling for annual service related appointments.

Call us today for a complete description of our contract terms & conditions.

New Construction

Ground-Up Plumbing

Tenant Improvements