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Small private plumber. Fixed a bathroom lateral clog that some other plumber quoted $1200 to fix for $80 in less than 30 minutes.

Bobby Blue is a plumbing expert who is also friendly, prompt & extremely professional. Very fair prices and will recommend to everyone.

Edwin C., Chino, CA

I was really pleased with the service provided. I called this morning due to a clogged kitchen sink. I was told they would be by between 1 and 3. Bryan showed up a little after Noon. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. He was able to run a snake and clear the drain in no time.

Great job for under $100. I’ll definitely use them in the future and recommend them as a great local business.

Michelle P., Rialto, CA

We recently had Bobby Blue Plumbing replace our water heater. We have lived in our home for 20-plus years, with two previous water heaters. We have always had a problem with hot water, having to let the faucet run for 5 minutes before it was even warm. The plumbers were quick, clean and efficient; but best of all, the water is HOT within a minute of turning on the tap. His rates are reasonable, and workers are generally prompt. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good plumber.

M C., Fontana, CA

My house was having some plumbing issue with main line. Back in December, I had a different plumber came out 3 times to fix the problem. He was recommended by our real estate agent. We spent over $1k and the problem came back within a week or 2.

So when we had the same problem one morning last month, I decided to look up on Yelp and check out the reviews. To be honest, Bobby was not the first plumbing places I called. I called 2 other places (both have a very high number of positive reviews), but both places I were only able to leave voicemails to call me back. Bobby was the 3rd place I called and he answered his phone. He was able to get to my house in the same morning.

It took him about 30 minutes to fix the problem and charged over 10x less than my previous plumber. Bobby even gave me a 30 days warranty on his work. So far 3 weeks passed and the drain still works great. BTW, the other 2 places I called never called me back. The funny thing is the the day before Bobby fixed our plumbing, I got a work estimate statement from my previous plumber. He already charged about $1100 and said that to fix our problem, it will be $7200 to do the extra work! So when Bobby was there, I asked him how much would he charges to do the same work listed on the statement. He told me about $400. At that point, I am pretty sure my previous plumber was completely ripping me off.

Anyway, back to Bobby, a good and trusted plumber is really hard to find. But now I feel so much better knowing that I have Bobby’s number on my cell phone!

L C., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Can’t thank Bobby enough. Got his number from a friend. I had a drain problem where both showers, toilets and Washing machine drain was backing up major. I was afraid a main line had busted and I was looking to pay huge. I called Bobby on a Saturday, told him my problem and he calmed me down that it just may be small blockage. He quoted me a GREAT PRICE to get on my roof and snake my drains for me. From Fontana, he was at my San Gabriel Valley home in about an hour. He got to work and in no time he was pulling out roots that grew through the joins. He told me to run the water in the tub and I saw the water swirl for the first time in a LONG time. He wrote out the invoice and was SO HAPPY with the price. He made a stressful morning into a happy one

greg y., Monrovia, CA

I will definitely be using Bobby Blue Plumbing again!! Got a $1000 from All Pro and did not spend a penny!! Honesty is the best policy, it brings business in the future!!! Brian was honest and let me know that I do not need tons of repairs like All Pro said!! He was also very personable and I felt very comfortable with him.

Kim J., Fontana, CA

I called Bobby this morning since we had a few things that were wrong with our water heater. He was very friendly, and he headed right over to check out what was wrong with our heater. He quickly diagnosed the problems, fixed everything that was messed up, and he was very efficient. He even came back later to just check if everything was ok. He is the best plumber I have ever worked with. His prices are also great!! I will definitely be calling him in the future if we ever need a plumber again. Thanks so much!!

amrita S., Glendale, CA